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Definition of

quantitative analysis

General Management

assessment of investment using various numerical standards the appraisal of a project or investment using econometric, mathematical, and statistical techniques.

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    Quantitative methods are a number of statistical and mathematical tools that can be used to capture and analyze information on quantitative data—anything that can be measured or counted.What differentiates quantitative from qualitative methods is that quantitative methods usually rely on a variation of the scientific method to generate measurable results. Quantitative methods are therefore formulae and models used to generate hypotheses, capture...
  • Risk Management: Beyond Compliance
    by Bill Sharon
    Over the past decade the line between risk management and compliance has been blurred to the point where, in many organizations, it is impossible to determine if they are not one and the same. In part, this confusion between the two functions was initiated and then exacerbated by the passage of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 and the implementation of Basel II. Both of these events consumed a great deal of resources, and many consulting firms...
  • Asset Allocation Methodologies
    by Tom Coyne
    Everyone has financial goals they want to achieve, whether it is accumulating a target amount of money before retirement, ensuring that a pension fund can provide promised incomes to retirees, or, in a different context, achieving an increase in corporate cash flow. Inevitably, we do not have unlimited resources available to achieve these goals. We often face not only financial constraints, but also shortages of information, time, and cognitive...

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