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Definition of

quoted company


firm with stock trading on exchange a company whose stock is quoted on a recognized stock exchange.

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  • The Changing Role and Regulation of Equity Research
    by Simon Taylor
    Equity research is the publication by analysts of reports, notes, and emails that offer an investment recommendation on the quoted stock of a company (typically buy, sell, or hold). The recommendation is supported by an investment case, financial forecasts, and a valuation. Reports vary enormously, from short updates of a page or less to substantial documents that analyze whole industries and companies in great detail.Equity research is also...
  • Ladies in Waiting
    by Tim Hindle
    Tim Hindle is a freelance writer and editor. Educated at Worcester College, Oxford, and Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, he was a research analyst in the City of London before joining The Banker magazine as deputy editor. He subsequently wrote for The Economist for many years, acting as finance editor in the 1980s before taking on the new role of management editor.He launched EuroBusiness magazine in the early 1990s, and then re-launched the...
  • Maximizing Value when Selling a Business
    by John Gilligan
    All corporations seem complex to those looking in from the outside. The cocktail of relationships, contracts, and assets coming together to generate value is different in every company, and the process of realizing the value embedded in that cocktail requires planning, foresight, and pragmatic judgment. Failure to sell a business that has been publicly put up for sale can destroy huge amounts of value. Each situation is unique and no text can...
  • Boardroom Roles
    by Sir Adrian Cadbury
    The crispest definition of a board’s role is Sir John Harvey-Jones’s: “to create tomorrow’s company out of today’s.” Boards are in place to direct and control, not to manage. Boards have the task of defining the purpose of their enterprises and of agreeing the strategy for achieving that purpose. They are responsible for appointing chief executives to turn strategic plans into action, for supporting and counseling them in so doing, and if...

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