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Definition of

take a view


form expectation of how market will perform to form an opinion on the likely direction a market will take, and take a position that will be of benefit if the opinion proves correct

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    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.The views of investment managers and management consultants about outsourcing, a market that is now worth $100 billion a year, swing wildly between admiration and scepticism, seemingly blowing hot and cold with economic fashion.It can be a convenient way of reducing costs, sometimes by as much as 30%, but critics warn that it can also mean that a business loses touch with vital tasks and...
  • Pension Funds—The Dangers of Taking Off-Benchmark Foreign Exchange Risk
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    If you are investing in a foreign asset or basket of assets, whether you like it or not your investment return is going to come from two different sources. You will see a return or a loss on the underlying asset, of course. But when you sell that asset you will also see a gain or a loss on the translation back into your home currency. A UK investor buying Apple also buys exposure to the dollar, whether they are aware of this or not. When you are...
  • Accounting for Value: Why the Accountancy Bodies Are Losing Their Way in the Standard-Setting Process
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    I approach accountancy by asking what it measures that is of use to an investor. Basically, I am looking for accountancy to be a set of tools for measuring value—the real value of a business. My book was first and foremost a book on valuation, aimed at investors and those to whom they entrust their savings. This last group includes investment advisors, analysts, and portfolio managers. Beyond them, of course, I hope that it will also be useful...

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