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Definition of

taxable income


income that can be taxed the proportion of the income of a person, business, or organization that is subject to taxes

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  • How Taxation Impacts on Liquidity Management
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    Taxation is highly dependent on the specifics of the companies concerned and the tax jurisdictions to which they are subject. Nonetheless, there are sufficient structural similarities between countries so that background generalizations can be made, although the specific rules and tax rates vary over time and will need to be verified with local tax experts.Tax is initially assessed on the basis of each legal entity in isolation, but various...
  • Capital Structure: Perspectives
    by John C. Groth
    Capital has three forms: human, tangible, and financial. In this article, we focus on how financing choices influence the cost of financial capital and company value. Capital structure focuses on the sources of financial capital. The choice of structure affects firm value in some economies.1The seminal works of Nobel laureate Franco Modigliani conceived important relationships and issues in capital structure. Subsequently, researchers have...
  • Quantifying Corporate Financial Risk
    by David Shimko
    Consider the case of a company that has experienced six months of cash flows this year and wants to forecast the next six months. The usual way to do this is to predict a cash flow growth rate—expected, high, and low—and to base the analysis on these choices. A sample cash flow projection might be illustrated graphically in Figure 1.Figure 1. Deterministic cash flow forecast for last six months In reality, of course, several different cash flow...
  • Setting Up a Dividend Policy
    This checklist describes how to set up and maintain a dividend policy.

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