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Doing Business in North America Quotes

  • "America is still a place where most people react to seeing a man in a Ferrari by redoubling their own efforts to be able to afford one, rather than by trying to let down his tires."
    Let down means deflate.
    Source: Economist (London) (January 3, 1998)
  • "If it's worth doing, California will do it to excess."
    Source: Comment on National Public Radio in the United States (1996)
  • "It seems to be a law in American life that whatever enriches us anywhere except in the wallet inevitably becomes uneconomic."
    Russell Baker (1925–), US journalist
    Source: New York Times (March 24, 1968)
  • "If there is anything of which American industry has a superfluity
    It is green lights, know-how, initiative, and ingenuity.
    Ogden Nash (19021971), US humorist and writer
    Source: “Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New, but Don’t Get Caught In Between,” You Can’t Get There from Here (1957), 1: First Chime
  • "Perhaps the most revolting character that the United States ever produced was the Christian business man."
    H. L. Mencken (18801956), US journalist, essayist, and critic
    Source: Minority Report—H. L. Mencken's Notebook (1956)
  • "As a rule, from what I've observed, the American captain of industry doesn't do anything out of business hours. When he has put the cat out and locked up the office for the night, he just relapses into a state of coma from which he emerges only to start being a captain of industry again."
    P. G. Wodehouse (18811975), US writer and humorist
    Source: “Leave It to Jeeves,” My Man Jeeves (1919)
  • "There is no business in America … which will not yield a fair profit if it receives the unremitting, exclusive attention, and all the capital of capable and industrious men."
    Andrew Carnegie (18351919), US industrialist and philanthropist
    Speech at Curry Commercial College, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    Source: “The Road to Business Success” (June 23, 1885)

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