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E-Commerce Quotes

  • "It's amazing how easy the Internet makes it to destroy a business without creating another one in its place."
    Robert Levine, US journalist and author
    Source: Free Ride: How the Internet Is Destroying the Culture Business and How the Culture Business Can Fight Back (2011)
  • "Digital network architectures naturally incubate monopolies."
    Jaron Lanier (1960–), US computer scientist and author
    Source: You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto (2010)
  • "I’m not sure we could have learnt how to really use the Internet without a bubble."
    Tyler Cowen (1962–), US economist, journalist, and blogger
    Source: Quoted in the Sunday Times (London) (January 4, 2009)
  • "Every industry that becomes digital will eventually become free."
    Chris Anderson (1961–), US author and journalist, editor-in-chief of Wired
    Source: Free: The Future of a Radical Price (2009)
  • "The Internet means you don’t have to convince anyone else that something is a good idea before trying it."
    Scott Bradner, US computer scientist, secretary of the Internet Society
    Source: Quoted in Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations (Clay Shirky, 2008)
  • "The Long Tail is an expression of a network effect on a marketplace of infinite capacity that is unique to the Internet. Previously our culture was dominated by limited distribution channels; the Internet is the first unlimited distribution channel."
    Chris Anderson (1961–), US author and journalist, editor-in-chief of Wired
    Source: The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More (2006)
  • "The Internet is about the free exchange and sale of other people's ideas."
    Eric Kaplan (1971–), US television writer and producer
    Spoken by a Nappster executive.
    Source: Futurama, Fox TV (May 13, 2001)
  • "Pack lightly and carry a compass."
    Raul Fernandez (1966–), Mexican IT entrepreneur
    Source: Website (September 2000)
  • "Marketing is marketing. It's easy to drape new media in magic but it comes down to whether it's a good business or not."
    Carl Lyons (1970–), British former marketing director of OpenTable and
    Source: Marketing (August 2000)
  • "I believe we can still be a footnote in the history of e-commerce."
    Jeff Bezos (1964–), US founder and CEO of
    Source: Sunday Telegraph (London) (July 2000)
  • "Thus, in the future, instead of buying bananas in a grocery store, you could go pick them off a tree in a virtual jungle."
    Yasuhiro Fukushima (1948–), Japanese business executive
    Source: Wired Asia (June 2000)
  • "Any company, old or new, that does not see this technology as important as breathing could be on its last breath."
    Jack Welch (1935–), US former CEO and chairman of General Electric
    Referring to e-commerce.
    Source: Sunday Times (London) (May 2000)
  • "Fireflies throwing off sparks before the storm."
    Lou Gerstner (1942–), US former CEO and chairman of IBM
    Referring to companies.
    Source: Sunday Times (London) (May 2000)
  • "The web site needs to be as sticky as a currant bun."
    Carolyn McCall (1962–), British CEO of easyJet, former CEO of Guardian Newspapers
    Source: Marketing (April 2000)
  • "The phrase click, click you're dead focuses the mind."
    Sir Martin Sorrell (1945–), British advertising executive
    Source: Interview (March 2000)
  • "We're fast approaching the point at which there is really no distinction between the companies and traditional businesses. The only distinction will be between the winners and losers, and of course, the pace of change at which companies become winners or losers."
    Michael Dell (1965–), US founder, CEO, and chairman of Dell, Inc.
    Speech to the DirectConnect Customer Conference, Austin, Texas.
    Source: “DirectConnect” (August 25, 1999)
  • "Much as we talk about Internet companies today, in five years' time there won't be any Internet companies. All companies will be Internet companies or they will be dead."
    Andrew S. Grove (1936–), Hungarian-born US entrepreneur, author, and former chairman of Intel Corporation
    Source: Speech, Los Angeles Times 3rd Annual Investment Strategies Conference, Los Angeles, California (May 22, 1999)
  • "Secure web servers are the equivalent of heavy armoured cars. The problem is, they are being used to transfer rolls of coins and cheques written in crayon by people on park benches to merchants doing business in cardboard boxes from beneath highway bridges. Further, the roads are subject to random detours, anyone with a screwdriver can control the traffic lights, and there are no police."
    Gene Spafford (1956–), US computer security expert
    Source: Web Security and Commerce (1997)
  • "I am secretly looking forward to rediscovering the little pleasures of pre-electronic shopping: holding things in my hands, trying them on, and even taking them home with me after I have paid."
    Source: Quoted in the Economist (London) (December 21, 1996)
  • "The Internet is an elite organization; most of the population of the world have never made a phone call."
    Noam Chomsky (1928–), US linguist and political activist
    Source: Observer (London) (February 1996)
  • "Stop thinking about it as the information highway and start thinking about it as the marketing superhighway. Doesn't it sound better already?"
    Don Logan, US former CEO and chairman of Time Inc.
    Source: Speech to the Association of National Advertisers
  • "The Internet is the Viagra of big business."
    Jack Welch (1935–), US former CEO and chairman of General Electric
    Source: Attributed

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