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  • "I have never yet come across an engineer who can turn his hands to business."
    Sir Alan, Lord Sugar (1947–), British entrepreneur, TV personality, and founder of Amstrad electronics company
    Source: The Apprentice (UK), BBC TV (June 15, 2011)
  • "If you understand how to make something, you understand everything about it. You appreciate its beauty, its logic and its meaning. And its value. And you can pass on these pleasures and benefits. Never mind an aeroplane, designing and making, say, a stacking chair is at the outer levels of human intellectual capability. Abstract reasoning, spatial awareness, advanced motor skills, a keen aesthetic sense are all required. In comparison the attainments of a commercial lawyer or a fund manager seem crude and debased."
    Stephen Bailey (1951–), British design critic
    Source: Independent (London) (May 4, 2011)
  • "I was delighted to learn that in Britain today more people are employed in Indian restaurants than in your coal, steel and shipbuilding industries combined."
    Shashi Tharoor (1956–), Indian politician, diplomat, and author
    Source: Quoted in the Independent (London) (January 18, 2010)
  • "Our bailout of Detroit will be remembered as the equivalent of pouring billions of taxpayers' money into the mail-order catalogue business on the eve of the birth of eBay."
    Thomas Friedman (1953–), US journalist and author
    Source: New York Times (December 10, 2008)
  • "While we're still the US sales leader, we acknowledge we have disappointed you."
    General Motors (1908–), US automobile manufacturer
    On its financial troubles.
    Source: Full-page ad in Automotive News (December 2008)
  • "The task of industry is continuously, year on year, to make more and better things, using less of the world's resources."
    Sir John Harvey-Jones (19242008), British management adviser, author, and chairman of ICI
    Source: Making It Happen (1988)
  • "It takes five years to develop a new car in this country. Heck, we won World War II in four years."
    H. Ross Perot (1930–), US entrepreneur and presidential candidate
    Source: Quoted in Thriving on Chaos (Tom Peters, 1987)
  • "The difficulty is that we have an industrial base with so many characteristics of an industrial museum or of an industrial hospital."
    Barry Owen Jones (1932–), Australian politician
    Source: Quoted in “Sayings of the Week,” Sydney Morning Herald (July 12, 1986)
  • "What will Britain's service industry be servicing when there is no hardware, when no wealth is actually being produced. We will be servicing presumably the product of wealth by others."
    Arnold, Lord Weinstock (19242002), British managing director of General Electric Company
    Source: International Management (December 1985)
  • "The most striking thing about modern industry is that it requires so much and accomplishes so little."
    Ernst Friedrich Schumacher (19111977), German-born British economist and conservationist
    Source: Small Is Beautiful (1973)
  • "Modern industry seems to be inefficient to a degree that surpasses one's enduring powers of imagination. Its inefficiency therefore remains unnoticed."
    Ernst Friedrich Schumacher (19111977), German-born British economist and conservationist
    Source: Small Is Beautiful (1973)
  • "Properly, urban-industrialization must be regarded an experiment. And if the scientific spirit has taught us anything of value, it is that honest experiments may well fail."
    Theodore Roszak (19331981), US historian, writer, and editor
    Source: Where the Wasteland Ends (1972), Introduction
  • "It is an axiom, enforced by all the experience of the ages, that they who rule industrially will rule politically."
    Aneurin Bevan (18971960), British politician
    Source: Quoted in Aneurin Bevan (Michael Foot, 1962), vol. 1
  • "It takes more than industry to industrialize."
    W. W. Rostow (19162003), US economist
    Source: The Stages of Economic Growth (1960), ch. 3
  • "For years I thought what was good for our country was good for General Motors and vice versa. The difference did not exist. Our company is too big. It goes with the welfare of the country."
    Charles E. Wilson (18901961), US politician and president of General Motors
    Source: Quoted in “Statement to US Senate committee,” New York Times (February 24, 1953)
  • "We have created an industrial order geared to automation, where feeble-mindedness, native or acquired, is necessary for docile productivity in the factory; and where a pervasive neurosis is the final gift of the meaningless life which issues forth at the other end."
    Lewis Mumford (18951990), US social thinker and writer
    Source: The Conduct of Life (1951)
  • "The spark-gap is mightier than the pen. This is not the age of the pamphleteers, it is the age of the engineers."
    Lancelot Hogben (18951975), British scientist
    Source: Science for the Citizen (1938)
  • "Power and machinery, money and goods are useful only as they set us free to live."
    Henry Ford (18631947), US industrialist, automobile manufacturer, and founder of Ford Motor Company
    Source: My Life and Work (cowritten with Samuel Crowther, 1922)
  • "Industry is the root of all ugliness."
    Oscar Wilde (18541900), Irish writer and wit
    Source: Phrases and Philosophies for the Use of the Young (1894)
  • "The successful conduct of an industrial enterprise requires two quite distinct qualifications: fidelity and zeal."
    John Stuart Mill (18061873), British economist and philosopher
    Source: Principles of Political Economy (1848)
  • "Man is a tool-using animal … Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all."
    Thomas Carlyle (17951881), British historian and essayist
    Source: Sartor Resartus (1834)
  • "Since the introduction of inanimate mechanism into British manufactories, man, with few exceptions, has been treated as a secondary and inferior machine; and far more attention has been given to perfect the raw materials of wood and metals than those of body and mind."
    Robert Owen (17711858), British industrialist and social reformer
    Source: A New View of Society (1813)

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