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  • "I actually think most people don't want Google to answer their questions. They want Google to tell them what they should be doing next."
    Eric Schmidt (1955–), US executive chairman of Google
    Source: Speaking to journalists (August 13, 2011)
  • "Information is the new atom or electron, the fundamental building block of the universe … We now see the world as entirely made of information: it’s bits all the way down."
    Bryan Appleyard (1951–), British journalist
    Source: Sunday Times (London) (April 3, 2011)
  • "I don’t believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time."
    Eric Schmidt (1955–), US executive chairman of Google
    On the impact of the Internet and information technology
    Source: Interview, Wall Street Journal (August 14, 2010)
  • "History shows a typical progression of information technologies: from somebody’s hobby to somebody’s industry; from jury-rigged contraption to slick production marvel; from a freely accessible channel to one strictly controlled by a single corporation or cartel—from open to closed system."
    Tim Wu, US academic and communications expert
    Source: The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires (2010)
  • "There's no such thing as information overload—only filter failure."
    Clay Shirky (1964–), US author and expert on new media
    Source: Speech, Web 2.0 Expo NY (September 2008)
  • "We can say with certainty—or 90% probability—that the new industries that are about to be born will have nothing to do with information."
    Peter F. Drucker (19092005), US management consultant and academic
    Source: Quoted in Great Writers on Organizations (Derek S. Pugh and David J. Hickson, 2007)
  • "The ultimate search engine would basically understand everything in the world, and it would always give you the right thing. And we're a long, long way from that."
    Larry Page (1973–), US cofounder and CEO of Google
    Source: Interview, Business Week (May 3, 2004)
  • "We don't believe it's possible to protect digital content. What's new is this amazingly efficient distribution system for stolen property called the Internet—and no one's gonna shut down the Internet. And it only takes one stolen copy to be on the Internet … You'll never stop that. So what you have to do is compete with it."
    Steve Jobs (19552011), US cofounder, chairman, and CEO of both Apple and Pixar
    Source: “Steve Jobs: The Rolling Stone Interview,” Rolling Stone (December 2003)
  • "A Harvard professor told me that if there was no Gallup poll there'd be no Bill Clinton."
    Jim Clifton (1951–), US CEO and chairman of Gallup
    Source: Financial Times (London) (October 2000)
  • "Facts are available to everyone; it is interpretation and implementation that is key."
    Ric Simcock (1965–), British advertising executive
    Source: Marketing (September 2000)
  • "Nothing in business (or life) is more expensive than bad information."
    Gary Halbert (19422007), US copywriter and marketing guru
    Source: Quoted in 2,239 Tested Secrets For Direct Marketing Success (Denny Hatch and Don Jackson, 1999)
  • "Information is costly to produce, but cheap to reproduce."
    Carl Shapiro (1955–), US academic and author
    Source: Information Rules (cowritten with Hal L Varian, 1999)
  • "The new economy favors intangible things—ideas, information, and relationships."
    Kevin Kelly (1952–), US cofounder and former editor of Wired magazine
    Source: New Rules for the New Economy: 10 Radical Strategies for a Connected World (1998)
  • "If you file your waste basket for 50 years, you have a public library."
    Tony Benn (1925–), British politician
    Source: Daily Telegraph (London) (March 1994)
  • "While hard data may inform the intellect, it is largely soft data that generates wisdom."
    Henry Mintzberg (1939–), Canadian academic and management theorist
    Source: The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning (1994)
  • "Data without generalization is just gossip."
    Robert M. Pirsig (1928–), US author
    Source: Lila (1992)
  • "I find more and more executives less and less well informed about the outside world, if only because they believe that the data on the computer printouts are ipso facto information."
    Peter F. Drucker (19092005), US management consultant and academic
    Source: Quoted in “Seeing Things As They Really Are,” Forbes (Robert Lenzner and Stephen S. Johnson, 1987)
  • "An individual without information cannot take responsibility; an individual who is given information cannot help but take responsibility."
    Wilbert Lee Gore (19121986), US founder of Goretex
    Source: Quoted in Thriving on Chaos (Tom Peters, 1987)
  • "Information is a business in itself. It is also something that has made control impossible … you cannot get customers to accept prices in one place when they know there's a better deal elsewhere. It's a whole new world."
    Walter Wriston (19192005), US banker
    Source: Quoted in The Financial Revolution: The Big Bang Worldwide (Adrian Hamilton, 1986), ch. 2
  • "You can use the fanciest computers in the world and you can gather all the charts and numbers, but in the end you have to have to bring all your information together, set a timetable, and act."
    Lee Iacocca (1924–), US former president of Ford Motor Company, and former CEO and chairman of Chrysler
    Source: Iacocca: An Autobiography (1984)
  • "The highest art of professional management requires the literal ability to smell a real fact from all others."
    Harold S. Geneen (19101997), US telecommunications entrepreneur and CEO of ITT
    Source: Managing (cowritten with Alvin Moscow, 1984)
  • "The more the data banks record about each one of us, the less we exist."
    Marshall McLuhan (19111980), Canadian sociologist and author
    Source: Interview, Playboy (March 1969)
  • "Where is all the knowledge we lost with information?"
    T. S. Eliot (18881965), US-born British poet, dramatist, and critic
    Source: The Rock (1934)

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