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  • "We allowed the community to tell us what was entertaining them."
    Chad Hurley (1977–), US cofounder and former CEO of YouTube
    Source: BBC News (May 22, 2007)
  • "I think editors are excellent marketers. They know their audience and produce copy to appeal to them—they just don't call it marketing."
    David Robinson (1959–), Australian marketing executive
    Source: Marketing (June 2000)
  • "There is not one shred of evidence that the Internet has had any downward influence on North American or European newspaper circulation."
    Conrad, Lord Black (1944–), Canadian-born British newspaper proprietor and business executive
    Source: Press conference (March 2000)
  • "We're in the attention getting business."
    Peter Chernin (1951–), US former president and COO of News Corporation, and former CEO and chairman of the Fox Entertainment Group
    Source: Forbes (June 1998)
  • "When I started out, people were afraid of parish priests. Now they're afraid of newspaper editors."
    Michael D. Higgins (1941–), Irish politician
    Source: Attributed (1997)
  • "Television has made dictatorship impossible, but democracy unbearable."
    Shimon Peres (1923–), Israeli president and former prime minister
    Source: Financial Times (London) (January 1995)
  • "The information highway will transform our culture as dramatically as Gutenberg's press did the Middle Ages."
    Bill Gates (1955–), US entrepreneur, cofounder and chairman of Microsoft
    Source: The Road Ahead (cowritten with Nathan Myhrvold and Peter N. Rinearson, 1995)
  • "Someone once described the information business as exactly the opposite of sex. When it's good, it's still lousy."
    Michael Bloomberg (1942–), US entrepreneur, business executive, and mayor of New York
    Source: New York Times (November 1993)
  • "No first world country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity—much less dissent."
    Gore Vidal (1925–), US novelist and critic
    Referring to the United States.
    Source: A View from the Diner's Club (1991)
  • "The media … is like an oil painting. Close up, it looks like nothing on Earth. Stand back and you get the drift."
    Sir Bernard Ingham (1932–), British journalist and civil servant
    Source: Speech (February 1990)
  • "One man saying that everything is wrong can command coast-to-coast attention in living color, a power not given to an absolute monarch a century ago."
    Walter Wriston (19192005), US banker
    Source: Risk and Other Four Letter Words (1986)
  • "For a politician to complain about the press is like a ship's captain complaining about the sea."
    Enoch Powell (19121998), British politician
    Source: Guardian (London) (December 1984)
  • "No self-respecting fish would be wrapped in a Murdoch newspaper."
    Mike Royko (19321997), US journalist
    Source: Chicago Sun Times (1984)
  • "Government always tends to want, not a really free press, but a managed and well-conducted one."
    Cyril John, Lord Radcliffe (18991977), British lawyer
    Source: Quoted in What the Papers Never Said (Peter Hennessey, 1983)
  • "Television is simultaneously blamed, often by the same people, for worsening the world and for being powerless to change it."
    Clive James (1939–), Australian writer and broadcaster
    Source: Glued to the Box (1981)
  • "I can do more in communications than any conqueror could have done."
    Ted Turner (1938–), US founder of Turner Broadcasting Systems and CNN
    Source: Newsweek (June 16, 1980)
  • "Gutenberg made everyone a reader. Xerox makes everybody a publisher."
    Marshall McLuhan (19111980), Canadian sociologist and author
    Source: Guardian (London) (June 1977)
  • "Freedom of the press in Britain means freedom to print such of the proprietor's prejudices as the advertisers don't object to."
    Hannen Swaffer (18791962), British journalist
    Source: Quoted in Swaff (Tom Driberg, 1974)
  • "The medium is the message."
    Marshall McLuhan (19111980), Canadian sociologist and author
    Source: Understanding Media (1964)
  • "A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself."
    Arthur Miller (19152005), US dramatist
    Source: Observer (London) (November 1961)
  • "A continuous clash of egomaniacal monsters, wasting more energy than dinosaurs and pouring rivers of money into the sand."
    Robert Bolt (19241995), British screenwriter and dramatist
    Referring to the movie industry.
    Source: Sunday Times (London) (June 1961)
  • "I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can't stop eating peanuts."
    Orson Welles (19151985), US actor and movie director
    Source: New York Herald Tribune (October 1956)
  • "Journalism—an ability to meet the challenge of filling the space."
    Dame Rebecca West (18921983), British writer and journalist
    Source: New York Herald Tribune (April 1956)
  • "News is what a chap who doesn't care much about anything wants to read."
    Evelyn Waugh (19031966), British novelist
    Source: Scoop (1938)

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