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  • "Gerald Corrigan is the head of the world’s most successful financial institution. Weighing in at—I’d say 450 lbs—he is, like his bank, too big to fail. Yes, he is fantastically rich. You couldn’t fit his personal wealth into the dome of St Paul’s. He could hang Istanbul off his charm bracelet. He’s probably got golden bones—but he’s sensitive to public opinion and we all noticed he didn’t come to the Treasury in his chariot pulled by unicorns. He left at home his suit made from extinct animals."
    Simon Carr, British journalist
    Source: Independent (London) (February 23, 2010)
  • "I'm not retiring because I'm old and tired. I'm retiring because an organization has had 20 years of me. My success will be determined by how well my successor grows it in the next 20 years."
    Jack Welch (1935–), US former CEO and chairman of General Electric
    Referring to his planned retirement on December 31, 2000.
    Source: Quoted in “The Ultimate Manager,” Fortune (November 22, 1999)
  • "Bill Gates follows somebody's tail lights for a while then zooms past. Soon there will be no tail lights left."
    Andrew S. Grove (1936–), Hungarian-born US entrepreneur, author, and former chairman of Intel Corporation
    Source: BusinessWeek (June 1994)
  • "Doing business with Alan Bond is like wrestling with a pig. You both get sprayed with mud and the pig loves it."
    An anonymous Texan banker on Bond's famously aggressive business strategy.
    Source: Sunday Times (London) (February 12, 1989)
  • "For exercise, I wind my watch."
    Robert Maxwell (19231991), Czechoslovakian-born British publisher, business executive, and politician
    Source: Quoted in Time (November 28, 1988)
  • "I consider that I am a revolutionary socialist."
    Tiny Rowland (19171998), British entrepreneur, co-CEO, and managing director of Lonrho
    Source: Quoted in My Life with Tiny (Richard Hall, 1987)
  • "Just look at him. He runs his company with five people in an office the size of a closet."
    Katharine Graham (19172001), US newspaper publisher and owner of Washington Post
    Referring to Warren Buffett.
    Source: US News & World Report (1986)
  • "If a guy is over 25% jerk, he's in trouble. And Henry was 95%."
    Lee Iacocca (1924–), US former president of Ford Motor Company, and former CEO and chairman of Chrysler
    Referring to Henry Ford II. Said in a speech to market analysts in Detroit.
    Source: Quoted in Time (April 1, 1985)
  • "I've got a virtually limitless supply of bullshit."
    Ted Turner (1938–), US founder of Turner Broadcasting Systems and CNN
    Source: Interview, Playboy (1978)
  • "There’s only room for one bigmouth in my organisation, and that’s me."
    Sir Alan, Lord Sugar (1947–), British entrepreneur, TV personality, and founder of Amstrad electronics company
    Source: The Apprentice (UK), BBC TV

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