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  • "The purpose of the market system … is not to maximise profits but to produce goods and services that satisfy human needs and wants. Profits are a tool for achieving those objectives, a by-product of fulfilling human needs. If you view profits as the main objective, you will ultimately fail to create products and services that satisfy people, and so, because of the very logic of the market system, you will eventually lose your profits."
    Anatole Kaletsky (1952–), British journalist and economist
    Source: Interviewed in FiveBooks (June 2012)
  • "We shall eliminate any undue profit-seeking."
    Sony (1946–), Japanese electronics and media conglomerate
    Founding statement
    Source: Quoted in Obliquity: Why Our Goals Are Best Achieved Indirectly (John Kay, 2010)
  • "Profit is like health, necessary but not the reason why we live."
    Statement by the London-based St Luke's Advertising Agency.
    Source: Management Today (April 1999)
  • "My argument is: keep the bloody bottom line at the bottom. That's where it should be."
    Dame Anita Roddick (19422007), British entrepreneur and founder of The Body Shop
    Source: Quoted in The Adventure Capitalists (Jeff Grout and Lynne Curry, 1998)
  • "Company directors always have to prove that things are going better. They are judged like politicians, only worse, because elections are held every three months."
    André Leysen (1927–), Belgian chairman of Agfa-Gevaert
    Source: Quoted in Euromanagement (H. Bloom, R. Claori, and P. de Woot, 1998)
  • "In the foundation and development of a successful enterprise there must be a single-minded pursuit of financial profit."
    C. Northcote Parkinson (19091993), British political scientist and author
    Source: Quoted in Famous Financial Fiascoes (J. Train, 1995)
  • "Profit has to be a means to other ends rather than an end in itself."
    Charles Handy (1932–), Irish business executive and author
    Source: The Empty Raincoat: Making Sense of the Future (1994)
  • "If there is excitement in their lives, it is contained in the figures on the profit and loss sheet. What an indictment."
    Dame Anita Roddick (19422007), British entrepreneur and founder of The Body Shop
    Referring to companies run by accountants.
    Source: Body and Soul (cowritten with Russell Miller, 1991)
  • "Business is many things, the least of which is the balance sheet. It is a fluid, ever changing, living thing, sometimes building to great peaks, sometimes falling to crumbled lumps."
    Harold S. Geneen (19101997), US telecommunications entrepreneur and CEO of ITT
    Source: Managing (cowritten with Alvin Moscow, 1984)
  • "Short-term can be terminal."
    Mark McCormack (19302003), US entrepreneur, founder and CEO of International Management Group
    Referring to error of commitment to short-term profitability.
    Source: What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School (1984)
  • "The bottom line is in heaven."
    Edwin Land (19091991), US inventor and founder of Polaroid Corporation
    Source: Shareholder meeting (1977)
  • "Civilization and profits go hand in hand."
    Calvin Coolidge (18721933), US president
    Source: Speech (November 1920)
  • "I don't want to do business with those who don't make a profit, because they can't give the best service."
    Lee Bristol, US pioneer of renewable energy systems
    Source: Attributed
  • "Where profit is, loss is hidden nearby."
    Japanese proverb

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