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  • "Not many appreciate the ultimate power and potential usefulness of basic knowledge accumulated by obscure, unseen investigators who, in a lifetime of intensive study, may never see any practical use for their findings but who go on seeking answers to the unknown without thought of financial or practical gain."
    Eugenie Clark (1922–), US biologist
    Source: Quoted in Research: What, Why and How? (P. M. Kasi, 2009)
  • "I have an simple algorithm which is, where ever you see paid researchers instead of grad students, that's not where you want to be doing research."
    Larry Page (1973–), US cofounder and CEO of Google
    Source: Lecture to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (February 16, 2007)
  • "Some people use research like a drunkard uses a lamppost: for support not illumination."
    David Ogilvy (19111999), British advertising executive, founder and chairman of Ogilvy & Mather
    Ogilvy's advocacy of the importance of sound research reflected the experience gained during his early career selling George Gallup's innovative sampling techniques to Hollywood studios.
    Source: Quoted in “Anatomies of Desire: David Ogilvy,” BBC Radio 4 (September 4, 2000)
  • "It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them."
    Steve Jobs (19552011), US cofounder, chairman, and CEO of both Apple and Pixar
    Source: Quoted in BusinessWeek (May 25, 1998)
  • "The close relationships we form between researchers and product groups have already shown we can move the great ideas as they come along, without a schedule, into the products."
    Bill Gates (1955–), US entrepreneur, cofounder and chairman of Microsoft
    Source: Net News (August 10, 1997)
  • "My job is to help people see what I see. If it's of value, fine. And, if it's not of value, then at least I've done what I can do."
    Jonas Salk (19141995), US medical researcher
    Referring to his development of the Salk vaccine for polio.
    Source: Interview (1992)
  • "We don't believe in market research for a new product unknown to the public. So we never do any."
    Akio Morita (19211999), Japanese business executive
    Referring to his rejection of in-house engineers' concerns regarding lack of research into his idea for the Sony Walkman.
    Source: Made in Japan (1986)
  • "Motto for a research laboratory: what we work on today, others will first think of tomorrow."
    Alan Jay Perlis (19221990), US computer scientist
    Source: Epigrams in Programming (1985)
  • "The trouble with research is that it tells you what people were thinking about yesterday, not tomorrow. It’s like driving a car using a rearview mirror."
    Bernard Loomis (19232006), US business executive
    Source: International Herald Tribune (Paris) (1985)
  • "The way to do research is to attack the facts at the point of greatest astonishment."
    Celia Green (1935–), British psychophysicist
    Source: The Decline and Fall of Science (1977)
  • "Basic research is what I am doing when I don't know what I am doing."
    Wernher von Braun (19121977), German-born US rocket engineer
    Source: Quoted in A Random Walk in Science (R. L. Weber, 1973)
  • "When action grows unprofitable, gather information; when information grows unprofitable, sleep."
    Ursula K. Le Guin (1929–), US author
    Source: The Left Hand of Darkness (1969)
  • "Research! A mere excuse for idleness; it has never achieved, and will never achieve any results of the slightest value."
    Benjamin Jowett (18171893), British theologian and scholar
    Source: Quoted in Unforgotten Years (Logan Pearsall Smith, 1939)
  • "I keep six honest serving men
    (They taught me all I know)
    Their names
    are What and Why and When
    And How and Where and Who.
    Rudyard Kipling (18651936), British novelist, poet, and short-story writer
    Source: Just So Stories (1902)

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