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Trust Quotes

  • "Our trust in those who made the financial system work has been decimated—no less than we would lose faith in the water company if the taps started dripping cyanide."
    Peggy Drexler, US psychologist and author
    Source: Huffington Post blog (December 29, 2008)
  • "I've learned the perimeter of my circle of confidence."
    Warren Buffett (1930–), US entrepreneur and financier
    Source: Quoted in Treasury of Investment Wisdom (Bernice Cohen, 1999)
  • "Trust comes back to the character, behaviour, and values of the company. You only achieve trust and retain it if you behave in a way which inspires trust."
    Sir Dominic Cadbury (1940–), British business executive, former CEO and chairman of Cadbury Schweppes
    Source: Quoted in The Winning Streak Mark II (Walter Goldsmith and David Clutterbuck, 1997)
  • "Management by trust, empathy, and forgiveness sounds good. It also sounds soft. It is in practice tough. Organizations based on trust have, on occasion, to be ruthless."
    Charles Handy (1932–), Irish business executive and author
    Source: Harvard Business Review (November–December 1992)
  • "I am very careful about bringing people into my confidence. I want to see the color of their eyes."
    E. Gerald Corrigan (1941–), US investment banker and managing director of Goldman Sachs
    Referring to becoming president of the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis.
    Source: New York Times (December 30, 1984)
  • "The open bins and store rooms were symbols of trust, a trust that is central to the way HP does business."
    David Packard (19121996), US entrepreneur and cofounder of Hewlett-Packard
    Source: “Lessons of Leadership,” The Nation's Business (January 1974)
  • "The superior confidence which people repose in the tall man is well merited. Being tall, he is more visible than other men and being more visible, he is much more closely watched."
    J. K. Galbraith (19082006), US economist and diplomat
    Source: The Scotch (1964)
  • "Confidence is a thing not to be produced by compulsion. Men cannot be forced to trust."
    Daniel Webster (17821852), US statesman, orator, and lawyer
    Source: Speech, US Senate (1834)
  • "Confidence placed in another often compels confidence in return."
    Livy (59 bcad 17), Roman historian
    Source: History of Rome (26 bc–15 ad)

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