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The canon of finance literature is vast, with hundreds more publications emerging every year. This section distills the main lessons from most influential finance books both past and present, from the cornerstones to the most popular reads. Each summary includes a concise overview and analysis of the book's most distinctive contributions to management thinking and practice, along with bibliographic information for the featured title and related works by the author.

  • The Financial Times Handbook of Financial Management
    Steve Robinson (1995)
    For the business professional who is lacking a basic knowledge of financial concepts and tools. Provides essential guidance for the manager’s toolkit, to help them achieve financial objectives in their work. Summarizes the role of finance in key international business issues, enabling the manager to make the right business decisions.
  • Value at Risk
    Philippe Jorion (3rd ed 2006, originally 1997)
    Jorion is an acknowledged VAR expert, as well as a respected author and speaker. Offers a good introduction and overview of financial risk management and the Value at Risk approach. A key text on risk management that has been regularly updated, it examines critical developments for managing a variety of financial risk types.

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