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Financing Key Concepts

Key Concepts

Key Concepts provide you with definitions of buzzwords appearing in the media to ensure that you are up to speed with the current finance conversation. Produced in snapshot, glossary form, Key Concepts direct you to additional material to increase your knowledge and satisfy your interest.

  • Microfinance
    Microfinance is the provision of financial services to low-income consumers and businesses, particularly those in developing countries.Providers of microfinance broadly take an ethical stance, adopting the view that by providing services such as lending and insurance to disadvantaged clients, they are essentially assisting clients to better themselves, in many cases by playing a part in helping them to escape from poverty. Though some...
  • Rights Issues and Placings
    Companies on occasion go to their shareholders to raise finance. This could be by means of a rights issue, where a company sells new shares to existing shareholders. The new shares are generally offered in proportion to an existing investor’s current shareholding, respecting their pre-emption rights, and they are almost always offered at a discount to the share price in a bid to encourage investors to buy the new shares. If they do not, the...

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