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QFINANCE viewpoints provide you with the distilled thoughts of finance leaders and experts, outlining their current thinking on the crucial issues and challenges facing finance managers, entrepreneurs and business executives. The contributions are drawn from an array of practitioners and thinkers from the world of finance and business.

  • Closing the Deal: Public–Private Partnerships (PPP) for Infrastructure
    by Chris Brown, Joanne Emerson Taqi
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.Public–private partnerships (PPP) developed as a convenient and cost-effective way to involve the private sector in public services without busting the budget, but are traditional forms of PPP procurement meeting current market demands and what alternatives are there in the sector to address these issues?
  • Going with the Flow: Financing Water Infrastructure
    by Charlie Corbett
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.Raising money for much-needed water infrastructure projects is becoming a major challenge for the global financial sector. This article examines how project sponsors are seeking new methods of funding.
  • Infrastructure Finance: Islamic Alternative
    by Natalie Schoon
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.Islamic infrastructure finance is likely to be among alternative funding models to benefit from investors seeking to construct more varied project finance packages.
  • Microfinancing
    by Jacques Attali
    Jacques Attali is an economic theorist, with degrees from the renowned French “grandes écoles.” In 2007 he was appointed head of the commission to promote growth in the French economy by President Nicolas Sarkozy. He is chairman of A&A, an international consulting firm based in Paris, and Founder and President of PlaNet Finance, an international nonprofit organization focusing on structuring the microfinance sector. Attali founded PlaNet Finance...
  • Outperformance through Ethical Lending
    by Dan Hird
    Triodos was founded in 1980 as one of the world’s first explicitly ethical banks. We have our head office in the Netherlands and branches in Spain, Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. Our objective from the outset was to make money a force for good. This means that we only lend to clients who can demonstrate that they have both a strong track record and that their main aim is beneficial to either society or the environment. This positions...
  • Seeding Future Growth: Venture Capital Funding
    by William Kay
    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.At a time of severe financial restraint, venture capital (VC) is the one bright spot amid the gloom for enterprises seeking start-up funding or investment, and also offers exciting opportunities for investors. But there may be limits to its scope.

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