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Macroeconomic Issues Key Concepts

Key Concepts

Key Concepts provide you with definitions of buzzwords appearing in the media to ensure that you are up to speed with the current finance conversation. Produced in snapshot, glossary form, Key Concepts direct you to additional material to increase your knowledge and satisfy your interest.

  • Bretton Woods
    The Bretton Woods agreement is a system of economic management rules which leading global industrialized countries signed up to at the end of the World War II.In July 1944, the governments of 44 nations met up in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, US, with a view to establishing rules and bodies to govern and regulate the global financial system as it recovered from the ravages of war. While Bretton Woods heralded the birth of institutions such as...
  • Emerging Markets
    This term refers to the markets of countries that are at an early stage of their development, relative to the mature markets of countries like the United States or Japan. Emerging markets are typically much smaller than their developed counterparts and such markets tend to be less well established than mainstream markets, often with less comprehensive regulations around how companies and investors can operate.Emerging markets include countries...

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